Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid

When you plan to refresh your brand value with a logo design, there are a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. They are listed below:

  • Hiring Amateurs

A professional logo designer will always know the how-to much better than an amateur. While you could plan to give an amateur a fair chance at making it big in the industry, the next move in your logo design is certainly not the place for it. Let a professional designer handle this area with his or her expertise.

  • Following Trends

Trends have their own place and time but if you want to have a logo design that are timeless; it is not wise at all to follow trends mindlessly. The best thing to do is to have a fair idea of popular culture and keep your logo relatable so that you it never goes out of fashion.

  • Complex designs

The first and foremost rule of logo designing is simplicity. Logo designs that are simple and singular tend to last longer and have a stronger impact than the ones that are complex. Too many details do not go down well with consumers.

  • Too many colors and wrong font

A logo design that primarily depends upon colors may soon lose its identity. While it would attract attention right away, the lifespan of the attention is surely short-lived. Keeping a singular color is the best way to go.

Similarly, font is very important in logo designing. Avoid fonts that are over used and the ones that are hardly used. You have to strike a balance to come up with the perfect font for a brand by understanding the relevance of its values.